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We are a family business that started production in 2016, led by Henri Alegria. We are engaged in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil with passion and history.

HENRI MOR We select under the strictest quality controls, the best olives at their optimum ripening time to obtain the highest sensory quality.

Our signature AOVEs have an unparalleled, elegant and complex flavor, their sensory notes arise from innovation in their collection and processing to obtain the best essence and aromas of Olives.

In the last 3 years, Henri Mor has won more than 45 international awards, being selected by 21 Michelin Restaurants as a tasting oil, first place in the Agri-Food Technological Innovation Award (PITA) of Catalonia in the young entrepreneur category and finalists in the 2019 Start Up Prizes of the Basque Culinary

We invite you to discover in every drop all the diversity of the natural ecosystem alongside the passion for what we do. Enjoy this experience.

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